Global internal auditing, compliance reviews and investigations.  I will personally perform smart and high quality internal audits, compliance reviews (FCPA and GDPR) and forensic investigations. I have had considerable experience helping companies to assess, investigate and resolve complex and potentially damaging matters. Why use expensive Big 4 resources with little real word experience when you can take advantage of my skills and vast experience for less cost?

Dispute resolution.  Have a complex financial  dispute? A vendor, customer or parent company seeking money from you that you dispute? I have successfully resolved ugly and large disputes in favor of my employers and can help to resolve yours.

Building new internal audit functions or re-engineering low performing audit functions.  I have a track record of building internal audit functions from scratch and turning around poor performing functions.  Can make your internal customers, executive management and the audit committee happy.

Internal auditing for venture backed companies and start-ups, can be on a fractional basis. Smaller, growing companies can usually not afford to hire top auditing talent full time or pay the high fees of the Big 4 accounting firms. I invite you to consider me as your internal audit solution, bring world class experience in an affordable way on either a project by project or ongoing fractional role basis.