I have led large Internal Audit and Financial Controllership groups at some of the best known branded global companies in the world (Disney, FOX, Colgate, Kodak, Diageo, British Airways and Live Nation). I have managed internal audits, risk assessments and investigations  in all continents and in over 40 countries.  


I have been the thought leader behind the resolution of disputes, investigations, FCPA issues and internal control matters. Managed Big 4 relationships - often providing a contrasting, but collaborative, approach. You name it, I have probably audited it! As a controller, as well as an auditor, I have practiced what I preach, I understand controls and how to fix them when they are broken.

I don't use 'audit speak' and firmly believe that communication to business operations needs to be in their own language, not the language of auditors.  


One of the common and best things I hear is 'you don't act and talk like an auditor!'  I combine strong audit technical ability with a personable and business friendly approach. I started my career in sales and I'm not shy to communicate. People like to talk to me, and that's one of the most important ways an auditor or investigator can learn things. Introverted auditors, with their heads in their laptops, often miss the most important and relevant facts. 

What you get with me;

1. Business understanding and focus. This is how  I am distinguished from the professional services and legal firms. I have worked with some of the best and brightest talent and leaders from those firms.  While they have great technical ability, my own experience is they seem ill-equipped to get deep business understanding and fail to identify critical issues because of this. They simply don't have the skill/experience or invest enough time to fully understand the business. That's where I'm different. I invest the time to talk to management and really understand how their business works. This experience I have gained from having leadership roles in global, world class companies across various industries. I know how to get a business understanding quickly.

2. Forensic/Accounting problem solver. Successfully resolved matters of significant financial and reputational risk at some of the world's best known companies. In complex financial disputes, accounting control meltdowns or irregular matters needing investigation, I have led from the front. Often partnered with Big 4 accounting firms and major legal firms. My work prevented these highly confidential matters from an adverse conclusion and from becoming news headlines, thus helping to safeguard the reputation of my employers. 

3. Sets very clear targets and meets them. Teams are motivated only when their work is valued and rewarded because their stakeholders are happy. My leadership strength is to set simple and easily understood goals and to lead the team to deliver them.

4. Builds and motivates great teams, but not taking a usual approach to resourcing. One example, using non-audit professionals in the internal audit group at Fox to harness their great experience and create a group that was appreciated for its business understanding, rather than being the 'audit police'.

5. Personal mentor - have a passion for helping my employees, former employees and my network being successful in their careers. Will offer advice always or will pick up the phone to help make introductions for them.

6. Diversity champion. Was one of three executive sponsors of Fox PRIDE - me being the only straight ally. Fox Pride was actually born out of my internal audit group! It grew into something amazing....and this at the company that owned Fox News! I have a passion for diversity. My last audit team of 25+ FTE was over 75% female and had employees from all corners of the globe.

7. Good sense of humor.  That's right. An auditor with a sense of humor.

8. Have a great network and I use to it maximum effect to find the best resources.

9. Culturally experienced and aware. Having audited in 40+ different countries over the course of my career, I have experience across all continents. I love working in different cultures and my experience is that clients appreciate it much, and will communicate better, when you appreciate and love their culture and environment. Particularly enjoy working in countries that can be challenging to operate in, like Russia and China for example.